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Introduction: Our project

We aim to make up the biography of a fictional character who travels around Europe in Roman times using the language of contemporary mass media. In his biography pupils will deal with modern problems that affect our European society (and especially their immediate surroundings such us environment, conservation of monumental remains, solidarity, education, etc.) The main focus of our students, who belong to different High Secondary Schools in different European countries, is to work together and communicate with one another, to become fully aware of the difficulties of our contemporary Europe.
Each school will develop and tell a chapter of the character's life, creating a story through interviews, TV or radio programmes, short plays, comics, films, etc. In each story, pupils will refer to a social problem that directly involves them. We will eventually try to shoot scenes in our respective places where Romans left their marks.

Some interesting details...

  • The project will be developed in English and Latin. Thus we intend to enhance the knowledge of foreign languages and our own subjects (we are mainly teachers of Latin and English).

  • With the eTwinning project, we will also help students acquire knowledge of web 2 tools interacting in social activities. For this purpose, we have already planned a series of activities through creation of the character (surveys), a Marcus' travel guide with QR codes, videoconferences among different schools, etc.

What is our goal?

We want to provide students to built their own interactive community of informed and passionate individuals as proud of their European as well as national identity by helping to exchange the idea of Europe in the eyes of them through a fun experience on the basis of our common Roman heritage.