An ET (winning project) between us
[an olive]

An unidentified flying object has just landed on our Europe.

An Alien has got off from the space ship, and want to know our way of life.

Can you help him? Sure it is.


Your task is to develop of the four activities in the sidebar, individually or in pairs: Close Encounters of the First Kind, Unsolved Mysteries, ET-Blog y My Home!. Each task requires one or more web 2.0 tools and Internet.

You have to upload your work to our common googlesite, in the suggested page.

You can communicate with other participants pupils across the TwinSpace mail or using a social network.



Here are some tips:

1. Do each work slowly but with selfconfidence. The teacher will show you at what time you should finish it. Try to connect with the subject to be taught in class, or with knowledge of the environment in which you move.
2. Be familiar with the use of programs you want to use. Explore its options. Create a folder in your documents with the name of each work. This is where you save images you get from the Internet, presentations, documents, etc.
3. Find online information, images, videos, etc, for your work. About information, save only what you consider relevant. Your works must be short and precise, always trying to be essential and synthetic. Check if your works are correct .
4. Get in touch with your fellow Europeans and learn with them.



5. And the main thing, have fun.
Close Encounters of the First Kind
Unsolved Mysteries
My Home!!!
Olympian gods moved through the heavens harder and faster than mortals. Poseidon was going through a huge gap with only three steps. Hera was travelling with the speed of thought. Hermes and Athena descended gliding with winged sandals. Sometimes Athena was depicted flying like a hawk. Poseidon gave to Penelope a winged chariot that run down the sea without wetting axles. UFO Alert!

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