An ET (winning project) between us
[an olive]

An unidentified flying object has just landed on our Europe.

An Alien has got off from the space ship, and want to know our way of life.

Can you help him? Sure it is.


In each of the tasks you are getting what you have to do and how you should do. Do not hesitate to ask your teacher if galactic doubts attack you. Send Interstellar messages to your European fellows, and contact them whenever you can.



In order to make your own work, you will need to:

1. Decide whether you want to work alone or in pairs. Try to help your teammate.
2. Design your work on paper or on a computer previously.
3. Talk with your teammate about the main aspects of your works.
4. Go to Resources in order to find the information you need for each section. Try to find all the information in the selected web pages.
5. Gather the information and pictures that can be useful for you.
6. Examine and analyse the information that you have found. Discuss with your teammate what you have got and explain for what it could be useful. Propose your choices and the reasons for them.
7. Use your own words to write your caption about your selected aspect.
8. Use the word processor spell checker or a dictionary if necessary, in order to create labours. You must include some pictures from the web.
9. Get in touch with your European friends. You will learn many things about them!



...y 10. And, especially, Enjoy it!
Close Encounters of the First Kind
Unsolved Mysteries
My Home!!!
Homer, in the book 5 of the Iliad, gives a wonderful description of Minerva in his shining chariot, drawn by ethereal roads, cutting the liquid sky at high speed on Greece, landing near Troy. UFO Alert!

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