An ET (winning project) between us
[an olive]

An unidentified flying object has just landed on our Europe.

An Alien has got off from the space ship, and want to know our way of life.

Can you help him? Sure it is.


Following on from the question and the topic is developed in each moment, each High School have to design an puzzle, that other schools have to try to solve.

The puzzles can be proposed in several ways: with a video from YouTube, a podcast or a document with pictures, etc.

Each puzzle will have a page where the other participating School can upload their possible solutions. For answers you can use web 2.0 tool that you find the right one.


Try to answer reflecting the reality of your country. In this way students from other countries can better understand your culture.


Ginger up, because we will rank with the best answers for each puzzle.
Close Encounters of the First Kind
Unsolved Mysteries
My Home!!!

Iulius Obsequens, a Roman writer of the fourth century AD, contains the following testimony:

In Spoletium (Umbria) a gold spinning ball of fire fell to the ground. Then it seemed to grow in size, rose from the earth, and ascended to heaven where the sun's disk darkened, with his brilliance. And turned toward the eastern quadrant of the sky.

UFO Alert!

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Liceo Quinto Orazio Flacco
Istituto G. Lombardo Radice
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Collège Gaston Bachelard
Gymnasium am Mühlenweg

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