An ET (winning project) between us
[an olive]

An unidentified flying object has just landed on our Europe.

An Alien has got off from the space ship, and want to know our way of life.

Can you help him? Sure it is.


You have to answer different questions demanding by ET about our culture and environment, and use web 2.0 tool proposed. Try to put examples from your country. When you've finished your work, you have to upload it to a sharing website such as Slideshare, Scribd, and so on.

Then you have to copy the provided code (embed) on the suggested page of our site.

You can find web 2.0 tools in Resources. Anyway, If you know others, you can also use them.

Close Encounters of the First Kind


Try to give examples of your country. In this way students from other countries can better understand your culture.



Familiarize yourself with the site that we will use. Try not to delete any work of another fellow.
Encuentros en la 1ª Fase
Unsolved Mysteries
My Home!!!

In 1970, artists Georges Pichard and Jacques Lob created a free version of the famous Homer's Odyssey. In it, Homer appears as a blind reporter with a recorder which records the adventures of Odysseus. In this Odyssey, gods were cosmonauts aboard a mothership landed at the top of Mount Olympus. They watch through their screens lives of humans. And teleport to intervene in their lives.


UFO Alert!

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