An ET (winning project) between us
[an olive]

An unidentified flying object has just landed on our Europe.

An Alien has got off from the space ship, and want to know our way of life.

Can you help him? Sure it is.


The Webquest An ET (winning Project) between us was designed by Ángel Luis Gallego Real with the collaboration of all teachers participating in the project, as an educational resource to Etwinning Project with a similar name.




Thank you very much to:

  • Etwinning by encouraging European schools to work together using new technologies.
  • Paola Cascione, Conci Mazzullo, Michel Bach, Anke Wischer y Santiago Carbonell for making this Project an exciting experience available to educators.



Permission is hereby granted for other educators to use this WebQuest for non-profit educational purposes only. This Webquest is under Creative Common License 2.5.
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And now with seven Corinthian ships, two of Corcyra and other one provided by Leucatians, Timoleaus departed. And in the evening, after he sailed to high sea and enjoyed a favorable wind, the sky seemed to open suddenly with an explosion on the ship and launch a heavy and striking fire. From there a torch as the mystics carried raised and ran with them, accompanying them in their navigation, and fell right for the point of Italy where the pilots were going." (Plutarch, 344 B.C.)

UFO Alert!

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